Testimonial – Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS)

From ACMA Patient Group on Dec. 21, 2009:

American medicine not a cure but a death sentence. Friend of our family took 11 year old son to emergency room for flu. Was prescribed antibotic yesterday and today is in hospital with SJS. We have been calling Dr Bo and sending email and are awaiting his call. The 11 year old is losing his eye sight and being told by the hospital that there is nothing they can do!!! Can Dr Bo treat Steven Johnson Syndrom????

And on Dec. 22, 2009:

The boy, xxx, has received first dose of herbs. The swelling in his throat has gone done a little. It is just the beginning however One dose of herbs has done more in a couple of hours than his 2-3 days of being treated in the hospital. Thanks to the herbs, Dr Bob and your PRAYERS I know xxx will get to have Christmas with his family.

And on Dec. 24, 2009:

Just got an update on xxx. The nutritionist sent home a box with protien drinks which was being given to xxx since he could not eat solid foods. Dr Bob asked for the ingredients of this drink and the ingredients of the drink are a derivitive of the same mediciation that caused the Stevens Johnson Syndrome. xxx’s Father is becoming more confident in Dr Bob’s treatment as it is the only thing being used to treat xxx finally he is seeing results in the treatment that were being hindered by the protien. The swelling of xxx’s lips have greatly reduced, the blisters in his mouth are healing, and his eyes are slowly improving. We will keep you posted on xxx. Thanks for all the support!

Merry Christmas and God Bless our Dr BOB!!!

And on Dec. 30, 2009:

xxx has greatly improved in all areas except in his throat. His eyes are still a concern to Dr Bob but controlling the blistering in his throat is a priorty. The good news is that the Steven Johnson Syndrome is digressing, not advancing, as most cases of this diease progress rapidly. xxx’s symptoms are fading away.

Although most of his friends and relatives are insisting xxx return to a hospital, xxx’s Parents are staying the course due to the miraculaus results of Dr Bob’s treatment.

xxx referrs to the herbal treatment as “MUD”…and at first resisted the herbs but now is asking for the treatment especially on his lips. xxx’s father is now convinced that the Doctors would have allowed xxx to die without any efforts of treatment. And is certain that without Dr Bob’s professionalism and knowledge throughout this treatment would be making other arrangements concerning xxx’s future.

Although not out of the woods yet there is hope and promise that xxx will grow to be a typical teenage boy.

Your thoughts, prayers and support still greatly needed and appreciated.

And on Feb. 6, 2010:

Hello ACMA family….I have done alot of sharing with this group with yyy’ tumor, xxx Steven Johnson syndrome but never in my life did I think that it would happen to me. ( By the way..xxx is back in school and has even joined the basketball team at his school. His parents have been blessed.) The love and support from this group helped me and yyy through his treatment so why not with me too….