Testimonial – Stage IV Colon Cancer, Lymphoma

From ACMA Patient Group on May 23, 2009:

I have been with Dr. Xu for a year and a half after being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. I received his treatment for a year (herbs 3 x a day) instead of having chemo. I am cancer free and feel great. While taking the herbs I felt better each day.

I chose this treatment because a year prior to being diagnosed with colon cancer I was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma and had six months of chemo. I did not want to go through chemo again and was so thankful I found Dr. Xu.

And from husband on Nov. 12, 2009:

My wife xxx went to Dr. Xu for 1 year with colon cancer and large b cell lymphoma. She (age 68) walks 6 miles every day and feels great. She has a check up every 6 months at cancer treatment centers of America and is cancer free. She has had no treatments for over one year now. Dr. Xu knows what he is doing.