Testimonial – Orbital Tumor

From ACMA Patient Group on May 23, 2009:

dont dispare! you’re in good hands with Dr. Xu (Dr.Bob) He treated me for an orbital tumor near my optic nerve. My treatment lasted only three months and the tumor has vanished. its ben a year now and im excited to say there are no signs of the tumor returning. As for the diet, it took a little getting used to but I was amazed at how good I felt. If you’re in America theres a talk show called Rachal Ray shes got a web site for special diets of organic natural foods- the recipes are delightful. My wife included the whole family in my diet and we all ate like kings. Dont think of the diet as a burden, rather a culunary adventure. You’ll be surprised at the things you whip-up in the kitchen

And on Feb. 15, 2010:

About my tumor- it took about three months for it to finaly go away. As for its classification Im not sure. The American doctors needed to biopsy the tumor before determining the “class” and to see if it was cancerous. That is where I stopped as I had no insurance and the surgeon who could remove it wanted a $120,000 retainer before starting. As for the tumor, it continued to grow until the blinding pain had me bed-ridden. Dr. Bo was the only person who really cared, and by fate guided by God, I was somehow able to find him by a link through the Sweedish Government Health Care for alternative medicine. It took me less than seven minutes to find ACMA and all the strength I could muster {at that time I was being assisted to the bathroom by my wife}

When Dr. Bo called me after 2 short email messages, he reassured me that the tumor was easily treatable if I follow his simple directions. He said that I must follow his instructions very closely or the results will be very slow. The treatment of herbs was simple but the special diet proved to be very challenging. Any bad reaction from the herb treatment was usually the result of eating something that wasnt in my instructed diet. Dr. Bo always knew or could pin-point the exact cause of my bad reactions through the food I ate or when I cheated on my liquids (milk). Dr. Bob (as you may know him) was the foremost critical element to the herbal treatment. I knew in order to have success I had to trust him completely and without reservation. And although alternative medicine is so frequently scoffed at by most Americans I can testify that Dr, Bo is the only TRUE doctor I have known through out my life. To use or trust any other doctor with your ovarian cyst/mass would be, in my opinion, a step down from having the very best treatment and doctor available.

Any more questions feel free to ask.

And on Sep. 19, 2012:

Since June 13th my family and I have been aggressivly fighting the tumor in my left eye. From the size larger than a grape, to a speck smaller than a grain of rice, the tumor has shrank dramatically. The pain is gone and I’m regaining my strength…. after losing more than 50 pounds, I’m back in the trees and gaining muscle-mass. A big thanks and debt of gratitude to Dr. Bo Xu (Dr. Bob) from ACMA (American Chinese Medicine Association). You are the true definition of a doctor- Without your treatment, care and concern, I would surely be dead….

And from wife on Dec. 8, 2012:

xxx has been on treatment for his tumor since June 2012. I (yyy) have been cancer free for almost 3 years. Dr Bob Xu came into our life in 2007 and thanks to ACMA we are still alive and able to enjoy life with our 9 year old son and 22 year old daughter.

You are at the right place zzz. Our Dr Bob Xu will never give up on you or his herbs.

Please join us on fb you will see the struggles that our family has gone through as well as the miracles that we have experience while using ACMA. This is the last post I made on fb………….Thank you Dr Bob Xu for not giving up on xxx, when xxx gave up. When Dr Xu told xxx it was time to go to the hospital, xxx asked Dr Xu if he was going to meet him there. The only reason Dr Xu wanted xxx to go to the hospital was because xxx feared he suffered a mini stroke. However IL to CA just too far for Dr to make that appointment. So Dr Xu told us to start with the ginger water, then the watermelon water. Dr Xu calling every couple of hours to check on his progress or to advise our next move. Dr Xu did not give up nor allow us to give up. Dr Bob Xu is the most amazing man/Doctor. And I know that whatever happens next we are in good care. The tumor still swollen and is very red, full of blood, so we are not out of the woods yet. xxx was blind on Wednesday, but today, Saturday, swelling down and he can see again out of his eye.

I know many of you are new to the ACMA treatment and have never witness the healing power that me and my family has experienced. So if you need pictures of this healing that has taken place in my home I will be glad to send you an email with the proof that you need to help you decide if ACMA is real and saving lives.

I can not post the pictures of xxx because they are very grotesque but we would love to share with you in private message if that would help you make the right decision for your health. Once again Dr Bob Xu has saved xxx life and our family is smiling and looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree this weekend with our family.