Testimonial – Muscle Spasms, Olivopontocerebellar Degeneration

From ACMA Patient Group on Apr. 4, 2007:

I have been treated by Dr Xu for a couple of months now. I am doing much better than I was when I started with him, but I’m still not 100%. I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue though as the money is a problem for me. I haven’t been able to get a diagnosis from regular doctors. I have very severe muscle spasms and itching. I was only able to sleep from 1 to 3 hours a night. Since Dr Bob’s herb treatment, I have had only one bad episode of muscle spasms and I’m now sleeping from 5 to 7 hours a night. I had also begun losing weight pretty rapidly (20 lbs in about 2 months) and now I’m starting to gain some weight back.

My sister who lives in Arkansas started treatment but had to stop because of financial problems also. She has Olivopontocerebellar degenerative. She called me after about a week of herbs and told me that I’m not going to believe what’s happened to her. I asked what. She said she hadn’t been able to walk upright for the last five years and she falls about 10 to 11 times a day. After the week of herbs, she was walking and standing straight and she was only falling about once or twice a day.