Testimonial – Liver Function

From ACMA Patient Group on Nov. 23, 2006:

I am a patient of Dr Xu since Spring 2002, back then my liver function always out of range, after I had been on Dr Xu’s medication for three months, I went back for my blood test, it was in perfect normal range, and every year thereafter I went for my blood test, my liver function results always in range, that brings my life back to confidence and happy.

And on May 20, 2007:

Hi xxx,

I have read your email through ACMA Patient Group, I know your family’s situation, you should trust Dr Xu’s treatment, I had gone through all kind of treatment as Western Dr, Accupuncture none of them really help for me, until one day of the year 2002 I was introduced by an loan officer to visit Dr. Xu for my liver’s problem, it took me four and half months to cook his herb medicine everyday, but finally my liver function went back to normal by Dr Xu’s treatment. Thereafter, I had blood tested every year the out come always normal, his herb medicine is unique, you have to be patient, it should take months to recover. Of course, nothing is warranty, as step by step your mom will feels different, just take times.

God Bless your family