Testimonial – Lichen Planus

From ACMA patient feedback form:

Symptoms: Lichen Planus, an autoimmune disease. I lost all of my fingernails and toenails and was starting to loose patches of hair. I also had lesions in my mouth and vaginal area.

How long on Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM): 6 months

Results of use of CHM: Skin and mouth lesions completely healed. My fingernails are growing back, 6 look great and 3 are split only casually. Toenails are not getting better.

Any side effects from CHM? None. I feel great and people said I look great.

How long on allopathic medicine before taking CHM? 2 years. I was misdiagnosed for 1 year and was put on Lamisil. After seeing 9 doctors, finally I got the diagnosis of Lichen planus which is an autoimmune disease. I was told that there was no cure.

Results of use of allopathic medicine: No result in use of allopathic medicine. In fact, my condition worsened.

Any side effects from allopathic medicine? Yes, I didn’t feel well and had to have monthly liver tests from the medication. None of the doctors involved cared about my condition. Thank God I happened upon Dr. Xu as he does care and I am so grateful to him.