Testimonial – Internal Injuries, Immune System Improvements

Letter from ACMA patient:

On August 16, 2004, I took a bad fall, landing with the impact of all my body weight on my right chest area. This resulted in internal wounds – damage to the muscle and connective soft tissue in my chest.

After the fall, I felt very sick for (2) weeks, and I was in a great deal of pain. My Chiropractor taped me during this time, but there was still a lot of pain. At this point Dr. Bob Xu began treating my internal injuries with Chinese medicine. Within 24 hours, the sickness was gone. Within 48 hours, the pain in my chest was completely gone.

The other benefit I noticed while Dr. Xu was treating my internal injuries, was that my immune system was quickly and drastically improving. After much illness for the last 2 years, I was at a point where I got exhausted after simply getting dressed in the morning. During Dr. Xu’s treatment, I found that I was able to go longer each day before tiring out. Now, I can go 3 to 5 hours before needing a break, and if I rest for an hour, I can usually go another few hours.

In my opinion, if Chinese medicine were used with our traditional Western medicine, we would have a lot less illness and a lot more healthy people. Many of the drugs used today in Western medicine have severe side effects (some that we’re not even aware of). I know this because I have been on antibiotics and steroids on and off for years, and have seen the damage they have done. I feel that Chinese medicine, when it can be used, is so much safer, without these serious side effects.

Healing has been going on in different forms, for thousands of years (and it has worked, or we wouldn’t have all the people on earth as we do today). Western medicine did not exist as we know it today. There are many forms of healing that we don’t understand that are used even today, with great success. These other forms have worked, survived and stood up against the test of time.

From my own personal experience, I know that Chinese medicine is one of these. The results that I have seen are incredible! I feel so fortunate to have been directed to Dr. Bob Xu.