Testimonial – High Cholesterol, Shortness of Breath, Depression, Migraines, Indigestion

From ACMA Patient Group on Feb. 21, 2010:

Hello xxx

I had high cholestorol, shortness of breath, I bruised easily, I felt sad most of the time, I felt bloated, got migrains on average twice a month and tenssion headaches once a week, stiff neck and shoulders, cramps in my legs, indigestionn tired and no energy and lost interest in sex.

I took the medicine he mixed for me in a tea cup with hot water two hours after a meal
After two weeks I began to feel better, after the initial visit and after taking the herbal medication I was talking to Dr. Xu once a week the first month. The second month I probebly talked to him once every two weeks.
However, anytime I needed to talk to him I’ll leave him a voice mail and he calls me back.

I was on the medication for two month and lot of my symtoms imrproved by 90 percent.
Hope this helps..