Testimonial – Hepatitis C, Liver Cancer

From ACMA Patient Group on Aug. 28, 2006:

I ‘am the person Dr. Bob was talking about. The person with Hep. C since 2002 or before and went through combination therapy for 48 weeks in 2003 to 2004 and had good results for 3 months afterwards. (The theraphy I went through was one of the most painfull things I have gone through in my life) After 3 months the condition went from good to worse than before I had the treatment. (I’m not saying the treatment does not work, at the time it had a 65% succes rate) I started Dr. Bobs treatment shortly after that and my viral load went from 10 Million to 2 Million in a period of about a year and a half with my liver count from the 300 hundreds to a normal person. In December of 2005 I was diagnosed with liver cancer with the tumor the size of 7.8. To big to operate so I took the option of chemo-emblization and Dr. Bobs cancer treatment. This Aug. 27th my blood results showed my tumor is down to 3. something and that is from one treatment from the City of Hope in California and the contiued treatment from Dr. Bob. My Dr. from the City of Hope said I am an exception and that most people have to have more treatments and maybe the same kind of treatments for the rest of their lives. All I can tell you I am a firm believer in Dr. Bobs treatment and results. I just wished the JUNGLE JUICE as I call it taste better and he had a treatment for my Golf game? If I can answer any question I will try to reply in a timely manner. Trusting in God won’t hurt your cause either.