Testimonial – Heart Disease

Letter from ACMA patient:

I personally have nothing but success stories. Dr. Xu began treating me a little over a year ago for heart disease. In that year my condition has improved almost 100%. At the time I started treatments, the pain I experienced any time I exerted myself was pretty unbearable. I would experience pain throughout my middle chest that would venture up into my neck and jaw and half way down both of my arms. Not just discomfort, but pain that would cause me to think I was experiencing a full blown heart attack. In recent weeks, there have been several occasions that I was in very stressful situations and have been required to exert myself to the point that I was sure I would be experiencing this awful pain once again. But to my wonderous surprise, there was absolutely no pain what so ever, the worst symptom I experienced what some shortness of breath, that subsided quite quickly when I sat down and collected myself. Needless to say when I reported this to Dr. Xu he was very pleased indeed. I would have to say that pretty much all of my symptoms are gone, but I am fortunate enough that at this time I can afford to continue my treatments so I will be. Hopefully it won’t be long before our legislators realize through their own personal experiences that it is important that the American people have access to American Chinese Medicine.