Testimonial – Heart Attack

From ACMA Patient Group on Feb. 6, 2010:

While I do not have cancer, I have just had a heart attack, and it seems I am not yet out of the woods. Dr. Bob said tonight that another one right now could be fatal. But I do know that you and I and all of Dr. Bob’s patients are in the best hands we could be in. He is always there. He is so knowledgable, kind, patient and understanding, and his medicine can treat in ways that Western medicine can not (plus it doesn’t have the side effects of Western medicine). I have complete and total trust in this man. He has pulled me through some very serious situations in the past. I can’t help wonder how we managed before he came into each of our lives!

And on Feb. 7, 2010:

I had several warning signs for weeks, but until I had such severe pressure, pain, and labored breathing, I didn’t realize that there was a problem. When I did, I called Dr. Bob. He told me I had had a heart attack and put me on his tea every 4 hours around the clock. Within 24 hours, the severe pressure and most of the pain was gone and I felt so much better. So I cut myself down to 3 times a day on the tea (without talking to Dr. Bob), and ran into problems again (which is why I was not out of the woods yet). Dr. Bob put me back on the tea every 4 hours last night, and within 16 hours again, only a little pain remains (he also told me that he will tell me when to cut back next time!). I have to state here too, that while I don’t understand how he does his diagnosis, he has with each diagnosis, in each situation been way ahead of Western tests and Doctors, and has been accurate each time.

I have no hesitation at putting my life in his hands. He is truly remarkable!