Testimonial – Coronary Artery Blockage

Letter from ACMA patient:

Hello xxx,

I also wanted to give you good news. A friend of mind arranged for me to be tested on a Cardio-Beam machine. This new medical technology was developed by a Nobel Prize scientist and the machine itself was developed by a Korean team. It is very sophisticated and precise. Attached to the middle finger on the right hand, it shoots about a million electrical impulses per minute through the entire path. The beam follows the natural flow of bloof through all arteries, veins and capikkaries throughout the entire body. It can detect many things included any blockage and the degree of blocakage inywhere in he heart and body. It also measures the stress levels of the nervous system in the body.

The technician that administered the test was familiar, through my friend, of my previous condition and the 70% blockage of one of my arteries in my heart. He also was told that I had refused a catheter and stent procedure and had opted instead to be treated holistically by a Chinese American doctor familiar with thousands of years of treatment by chinese doctors through powders derived from roots, tree barks and other sources.

He was amazed by the test results. He stated that my veins and arteries throughout my body were totally clean of any plaque or obstruction. My vascular system was in Stage 2 condition condition. Only a baby, whose vascular system is in a Stage 1, were cleaner thatn mine. There are 5 Stages in this procedure. A stage 3 means there is substancial blockage or obstruction in the vascular system and the patient needs to start treating the condition. A Stage 4 means that there is significant blockage showing and the patient needs to start reversing the condition without delay. Stage 5 means that there is severe blockage and the patient amd the patient is in the most advanced degree in is in extreme danger of getting a heart attack and suffering permanent damage to the vascular system if not treated immediately. He told me that I had the heart and vascular system of a 30 year-old man. He said “Whatever that Chinese doctor is doing for you has worked.”

I am very thankful to you Dr. Xu for all your treatments and advise. The other day, when we had the big snow, I cautiously worked shoveling snow and cleaning my driveway for 2 hours. I felt no pain or shortness of breath. Thank you again for your expertise.