Testimonial – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

From ACMA Patient Group on Aug. 25, 2008:

I have been on the ACMA protocol for two months now and have witnessed some dramatic improvement in my cll. My gums do not bleed like they did, I have good energy, am sleeping better (getting to sleep sooner and staying asleep) my appetite is very good. I have an enlarged spleen which we are working on getting reduced in size. I sustained an injury so it is slow coming back. My wbc has been steadily getting worse over the course of four years and ACMA has helped to reverse my disease. My white counts have gone down in only one month. I will be getting another blood test soon to see where I stand. It takes alot of courage to not do chemo and to try alternative methods to control and reverse the disease. Western medicine does not have a cure for my disease and the remissions are not long for some patients with the possibility of getting secondary cancers, supressed immune function, etc. I want to keep what immune system I have and build on it, not tear it down. I fear it would not recover, nor would I! This is a tough disease and you kind of walk the walk alone on this one. Western medicine really never paid much attention to it and only now are they making a little headway, but not what we would like to see. Any treatment you do has high risks involved.

And on Sep. 13, 2008:

Well, I went to my primary doctor and had my blood drawn. It had been another month. Everytime I go I am scared to death because for the past four years my blood has always been higher relative to my WBC. My hemoglobin has been steadily dropping and my platletts. Have not had a RBC problem but that is dropping a little now because of the anemia. These are the things we look at very seriously. My blood results came back with again an improvement in the dropping of my WBC. I was so excited. My primary doctor who has been treating me for four years has never been able to find something that would help me. She looked at my lymph nodes under my chin and neck and said “What an improvement”. She wondered what I had been doing. I told her “herbs”. She is an alternative doctor so she is very open minded to just about anything. They took more blood because she wanted to check my B-12, etc. which I was not too happy about but it was a routine thing considering my results. She suggested I eat liver from a grass fed butcher shop and gave me some liver supplements. Dr. Bob is fine with it. I have been feeling really happy about this journey. This is my third month on treatment. My spleen is still quite enlarged and that has its challenges. It could be the problem in my reduced red blood counts….small bleed somewhere. We are trying to shrink it down but as my accupunturist says, It will probably be the last thing to shrink down because it has to filter out all the dead cells from my lymph node reductions and I have a very heavy lymph nodes throughout my body. At first, (Even though he is a chinese medical doctor as well) he was very leary of my trying this treatment. I could tell he was worried. Now, with the results I am getting he says “You took a huge leap of faith and courage in what you are doing and I am so happy it is working.” IT IS QUITE APPARENT THAT DR. BOB AND I HAVE STOPPED THE PROGRESSION OF THE DISEASE AND NOW WE MUST REVERSE IT. I have a cousin whose husband has CLL and he is doing the traditional chemo treatments. He is having a very difficult time requiring blood transfusions and his red cells and hemoglobin continue to drop and they don’t know why. Well, chemo destroys your bone marrow, the very thing we are trying to build up to help fight our disease. I don’t know him personally and am justing hearing “through the grape vine” his problems. I can tell you this, taking my herbs, vitamins, eating correctly (organic) sleeping, walking, etc. is a full time job with this disease. It really takes alot of work. I have to time everything. It certainly is worth it…I am worth it! What I want to express to everyone who has this disease is when you have Dr. Bob on your side, he has a plan for everything that comes your way. I feel so fortunate to have found him and know I am in good hands!

And from ACMA patient feedback form:

Symptoms: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

How long on Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM): 2.5 months

Results of use of CHM: Since CHM treats the root of the condition; I have experienced numerous results in many areas. The CHM dramatically decreased my motion sickness, irregular heartbeat and palpitations, increased my circulation so that I did not feel cold all the time, reduced my stomach pain and acid reflux; decreased high blood pressure; decreased menstrual cramping and associated side affects; decreased headaches; increased energy; decreased aching in joints and bones; mental and emotional clarity and regulation increased; sleep increased and felt rested in the morning and in addition to all of these benefits, my White Blood Count decreased the first month by 20% and stabilized the month after even though I experienced a terrible cold and flu. The treatment for cold and flu also needs to be recognized that during the time I had the cold and flu, I was able to recover within a five day period where other individuals were developing pneumonia or experiencing sickness for up to three and four weeks.

Any side effects from CHM? There have been absolutely no side effects from taking the treatment except that you feel better.

How long on allopathic medicine before taking CHM? Was not on allopathic medicine before.

Results of use of allopathic medicine: N/A

Any side effects from allopathic medicine? N/A