Testimonial – Breast Cancer

From ACMA Patient Group on Nov. 17, 2005:

I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer and have been taking the herbs for about three weeks now. I went through chemotherapy nearly two years ago and have never regained my previous strength, energy or eyebrows! Since taking the herbs, my energy lasts into the evening instead of until mid-afternoon. I also no longer have some of the menopausal symptoms that were so bothersome. It seems as though my hormones are getting back to “normal.” This is all very interesting and I look forward to participating with the group and seeing what happens next.

And on Jul 26, 2006:

I am being treated for breast cancer. From my short experience so far, I think that the herbs take longer to have an effect, but I feel SO much better now than when I was taking a western drug to prevent recurrence. My latest bloodwork showed an increase in Natural Killer Cells and B and T cells. I also have more energy and a less foggy brain! Dr. Xu believes how you feel is the best indicator of how you are doing, but I have another doctor who likes to see the bloodwork periodically.