Testimonial – Breast Cancer

From ACMA Patient Group on Nov. 17, 2005:

I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer and have been taking the herbs for about three weeks now. I went through chemotherapy nearly two years ago and have never regained my previous strength, energy or eyebrows! Since taking the herbs, my energy lasts into the evening instead of until mid-afternoon. I also no longer have some of the menopausal symptoms that were so bothersome. It seems as though my hormones are getting back to “normal.” This is all very interesting and I look forward to participating with the group and seeing what happens next.

And on Jul 26, 2006:

I am being treated for breast cancer. From my short experience so far, I think that the herbs take longer to have an effect, but I feel SO much better now than when I was taking a western drug to prevent recurrence. My latest bloodwork showed an increase in Natural Killer Cells and B and T cells. I also have more energy and a less foggy brain! Dr. Xu believes how you feel is the best indicator of how you are doing, but I have another doctor who likes to see the bloodwork periodically.

And on May 18, 2007:

I have Stage IV breast cancer. I can tell you that Dr. Xu’s herbs gave me energy so that I could still work to support my family. When I had surgery, they helped me recover and heal quickly. When I had radiation, again, I was able to work through the six weeks of treatment, which the people treating me thought was amazing. My skin reaction was delayed – to the amazement of the RadOnc – and it healed so quickly. I no longer needed to take my thyroid medication either. Dr. Xu can work wonders!

And from ACMA patient feedback form:

Symptoms: Inflammatory Breast Cancer

How long on Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM): about one year

Results of use of CHM: I recovered from my mastectomy very quickly. Six months later, the significant nerve damage to my arm and shoulder from the surgery is healing. I went through six weeks of chestwall radiation therapy and was able to work through the whole treatment. The therapists treating me were amazed. I only had a bad skin reaction (bleeding, desquamation) when I ran out of the herbs. However, once I took the herbs again, I healed very quickly with no scarring. Also, after chemotherapy a few years ago, I was always cold, and I was put on a thyroid medication. Now, I am no longer cold and I don’t need the thyroid medication either. I used to “fade” each evening, but now I have enough energy to make dinner and do my usual chores. Blood tests show improvement in my natural killer cells. My cholesterol numbers are returning to normal.

Any side effects from CHM? None.

How long on allopathic medicine before taking CHM? I did four months of chemotherapy when I was first diagnosed. Then I was put on an aromatase inhibitor (AI). The total time was about two and one-half years before I started taking the herbs.

Results of use of allopathic medicine: The chemotherapy shrank the tumor and the swelling in my lymph nodes. I stopped allopathic treatment at that point to find something more promising, since patients with my disease have such a poor prognosis. A new tumor grew, so I returned to the allopathic treatment, having the AI, then surgery and radiation.

Any side effects from allopathic medicine? During chemo, my bones and joints hurt. Then I went into menopause, with all its delightful effects. I was also cold and tired all the time. I developed a skipped heartbeat that I never had before, although the doctors told me it was nothing to worry about. After taking the aromatase inhibitor, my cholesterol numbers shot up, except for my HDL, which was normal. The chemo I was on has the potential to damage the heart, but I don’t know if I suffered any damage.