Testimonial – Asthma, Bronchitis, Kidney Failure, Crohn’s Disease

From ACMA Patient Group on May 22, 2009:

My name is xxx. I am, and have been a patient of Dr. Xu’s for several years now.

My family Doctor originally sent me to Dr. Xu for my asthma and bronchitis. I had an option between Dr. Xu and “oxygen” at home. I chose Dr. Xu. When I have a flair up of either, Dr. Xu’s tea eases it in within 1 to 3 days.

However, of all the many amazing things I have seen, is when he treated me for complete kidney failure (36 hours) due to blocked arteries to both of the kidneys. Dr. Xu had me come in right after I called him. With his tea, I was urinating by early evening. Within 3 days my kidneys were functioning completely normal. No surgery – no dialasis!

Also, my husband has chrones disease. He had a severe flairup of pain, as well as other symptons, for 10 days. Within 1 day the pain was minimal – 2 days gone completely.

I have watched others suffer with this disease, what they went through, and their many hospitalizations.

We have an amazing family Doctor who is a wonderful balance between holistic and traditional (Western) medicine. Western medicine is tremendous for diagnosis.

There are however some things there are no treatment for; other things that can mean surgery and /or medication with serious side effects (such as the steroids I was on constantly, prior to my now family Dr. and Dr. Xu). I have experienced the benefits of Eastern medicine for many of these, and even more wonderful – no side effects!

We feel so very blessed to have been directed to Dr. Xu.