Testimonial – Alzheimer’s Dementia

From ACMA Patient Group on Feb. 7, 2010:

This is our first time to actually correspond through the group, although we havce read with great interest your postings. On Dec. 11, ’09, my husband, xxx, received a diagnosis of “Alzheimer Dementia.” xxx’s diagnosing neurologist didn’t even give us the time to discuss his findings, but rather relied upon his nurse practitioner to give us the news and tell us that xxx had a choice of using a patch or taking a pill, which would only possibly delay the inevitable. She had no time to answer questions and referred us to the official Alzheimer web site.

We had heard about Dr. Bob through my husband’s best friend, yyy. We knew that yyy had been given up on by Western doctors, including specialists at Mayo Clinic, who told him to prepare for his imminent death, because his early-stage liver cancer and severe Hepatitis C were about to kill him. From the looks of him, that appeared to be excellent advice.

Enter Dr. Bob. Long story short, yyy was completely healed. That was about five years ago, and yyy is still healthy and vigorous.

Through yyy, we found Dr. Bob, who has been treating xxx since right before Christmas. We are so very impressed with his expertise, compassion and patience. He has told us he has several “Alzheimer’Dementia” patients, and we would like to hear about some of your experiences with this disease and Dr. Bob’s treatment. The good news is that xxx is getting better already!