Testimonial – Allergies, Sinus Infections, Liver Function, Cholesterol, Raynaud’s, Incontinence

From ACMA Patient Group on Jan. 4, 2007:

Some time ago I had allergies really bad & was taking prescription plus over the counter drugs. I would make it a point to tell the allergist (M.D.) that my allergic reations were far less severe because I was also taking Chinese herbal medicine. Each visit to the doctor’s office, I would say that I needed less & less prescription drugs & that my allergies were diminishing because of the Chinese herbal medicine. The doctors were almost dumbfounded. It was hard for them to believe that the Chinese herbs were healing me. I usually had a glint of glee in my eyes when I relayed my improved health stories.

And on May 28, 2009:

Here is my story.

My health has improved substantially since I started using Chinese herbal medicine from Dr. Bob Xu.

I had 35 years of allergy problems that included taking medication (both prescription & over the counter). I had to see ENT specialists. Repeated sinus infections from the allergies resulted in having sinus surgery in 1995.

I spent a lot of time & money with this malady. The total cost of all 35 years of office visit co-pays, pharmacy co-pays and over the counter medicine far surpasses what I have paid for Chinese Herbal Medicine.

One ENT specialist charged $350 for each office visit. The allergy medication amounted to well over $200 a month. The bill for the sinus surgery was $17,000. The cat scan I had prior to surgery was $900. Even after all the time & money spent nothing was accomplished. My allergies persisted & I started all over again with doctor visits & allopathic medication.

Apparently some of the allopathic medication (including chemo for cancer) I had taken over the years affected my liver & cholesterol. My liver enzymes were below normal & my cholesterol count was abnormally high.

I was introduced to Dr. Xu after all the years of allergy & sinus problems, Two years later, I was symptom free (and prescription free). Had I sought Dr. Xu’s help shortly after the allergies appeared, it would have taken far less time (only months) to be symptom free. I would never have needed surgery, time taken off work, 7 years of allergy shots, time spent going back and forth to doctors’ offices and 35 years of taking allopathic medicine.

Dr. Xu also gave me Chinese herbal medicine to restore my liver function & cholesterol count. In just 2 months time, my liver enzymes were within the normal range and my cholesterol count dropped 129 points!

CHM heals the cause of the problem with no side effects rather than just treating the symptoms.

I used to have Raynauds Syndrome. I initially had gone to see an American vascular surgeon who told me that he could prescribe a drug for this problem however, it might affect my heart. Of course, this was out of the question. This circulation problem is also now a thing of the past thanks to Chinese herbal medicine.

After having two babies some 30 years ago, I became slightly incontinent. It became more of a problem in the last 10 years. A friend of mine had 3 surgeries for incontinence & none of them worked. When I heard this, I sought help from Dr. Xu. After two months of taking Chinese herbal medicine, I am no longer bothered with that issue.

I look forward to the day when American insurance companies will open their eyes and see the value in the healing power of Chinese herbal medicine. Millions of dollars will be saved because far fewer prescription drugs, surgeries & hospital stays will be needed.