ACMA Stage IV Cancer Treatment


Many stage IV cancer patients received surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy etc. treatments first before they came to ACMA. After all conventional treatments failed, they started ACMA cancer treatments. Some of them were told that they would only have 1-3 months of time to live by their oncologists before starting ACMA cancer treatments.

However, after ACMA cancer treatments, all of their conditions have been improved. The cancer pain has been reduced or stopped, quality of life is improved, and survival time is prolonged. Some stage IV cancer patients’ final hospital reports showed that “no acute process, no findings to suggest recurrence of…” and they returned to their normal lives happily. In general, they all lived more than the time their oncologists predicted. Many of them have lived longer than 5 years.

ACMA Stage IV Cancer Treatment Steps

All stage IV cancer patients need to receive ACMA cancer treatments through ACMA clinic treatment. For more information on ACMA clinic treatment steps, please go to

ACMA Stage IV Cancer Treatment Outcomes

ACMA stage IV cancer treatments have following treatment outcomes:

  • Improve stage IV cancer patients’ conditions, signs, and symptoms
  • Shrink and remove the cancer tumors without surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy
  • Improve stage IV cancer patients’ quality of life
  • Enable stage IV cancer patients become less dependent on others and able to take care of themselves
  • Reduce or stop the pain the stage IV cancer patients suffer from, and cut or stop the pain medications the patients have been taking
  • Enable stage IV cancer patients to go back to work
  • Help stage IV cancer patients resume normal lives
  • If the stage IV cancer patients respond to ACMA cancer treatments well continuously, the patients can achieve remission, become cancer free and clinically cured without using surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy