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Testimonial – Breast Cancer

From ACMA Patient Group on Nov. 17, 2005: I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer and have been taking the herbs for about three weeks now. I went through chemotherapy nearly two years ago and have never regained my previous strength, energy or eyebrows! Since taking the herbs, my energy lasts into the evening instead of until […]

Testimonial – Diabetes

From ACMA Patient Group on Oct. 31, 2005: hi xxx, my name is xxx, i’m 40 yrs. old. i’ve been seeing dr. xu for 6-7 weeks now. i have diabetes, 1st discovered it 2 yrs. ago. before seeing dr. xu my blood sugar was between 150-250 and now using the herbs as recomended my sugar […]

Cold/Flu Dangers, Complications, and ACMA Treatments

Introduction Because cold/flu happens very often, many people do not regard them as seriously as cancers, AIDS/HIV, etc. However, because cold/flu can make all pre-existing chronic diseases worse, for patients with pre-existing chronic diseases (such as heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, AIDS/HIV, etc.), young children, and senior citizens, a cold/flu may […]