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Testimonial – Alzheimer’s Dementia

From ACMA Patient Group on Feb. 7, 2010: This is our first time to actually correspond through the group, although we havce read with great interest your postings. On Dec. 11, ’09, my husband, xxx, received a diagnosis of “Alzheimer Dementia.” xxx’s diagnosing neurologist didn’t even give us the time to discuss his findings, but […]

Testimonial – Focusing, Bowel Control, Allergies

From ACMA Patient Group on May 25, 2009: My oldest son has trouble with focusing and Dr Bob has been helpful with him. My youngest son was unable to hold his bowel movements. The Western doctors were not helpful but within a short time he is able to control this and is doing great! And […]

Testimonial – Aches and Pains

From ACMA Patient Group on May 24, 2009: I can tell you that after having my 1st child (with Dr. Bobs help) I was aching so bad….like flu like symptoms. I had massages I tried so many things nothing worked…so I called Dr. Bob. He sent me herb that I took 3 times a day […]

Testimonial – Stage IV Colon Cancer, Lymphoma

From ACMA Patient Group on May 23, 2009: I have been with Dr. Xu for a year and a half after being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. I received his treatment for a year (herbs 3 x a day) instead of having chemo. I am cancer free and feel great. While taking the herbs […]

Testimonial – Stage I Rectal Cancer

From ACMA Patient Group on May 22, 2009: I worked with Dr. Bob for about 10 months for stage I rectal cancer and between the diet and herbs 3x day, my body healed. It’s important to have faith and patience, especially tracking your vitals and symptoms (if you are recording those). His herbs are very […]

Testimonial – Liver Function

From ACMA Patient Group on Nov. 23, 2006: I am a patient of Dr Xu since Spring 2002, back then my liver function always out of range, after I had been on Dr Xu’s medication for three months, I went back for my blood test, it was in perfect normal range, and every year thereafter […]

Testimonial – Hepatitis C, Liver Cancer

From ACMA Patient Group on Aug. 28, 2006: I ‘am the person Dr. Bob was talking about. The person with Hep. C since 2002 or before and went through combination therapy for 48 weeks in 2003 to 2004 and had good results for 3 months afterwards. (The theraphy I went through was one of the […]