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Testimonial – AIDS/HIV

From ACMA Patient Group on Jul. 28, 2006: Regarding the AIDS/HIV treatment, I am a physician who has referred 2 patients to Dr Xu for HIV therapy. One had been on medication but had significant side effects. He began the Chinese herbs from Dr Xu and for over one year maintained excellent lab results and […]

Testimonial – Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS)

From ACMA Patient Group on Dec. 21, 2009: American medicine not a cure but a death sentence. Friend of our family took 11 year old son to emergency room for flu. Was prescribed antibotic yesterday and today is in hospital with SJS. We have been calling Dr Bo and sending email and are awaiting his […]

Testimonial – Orbital Tumor

From ACMA Patient Group on May 23, 2009: dont dispare! you’re in good hands with Dr. Xu (Dr.Bob) He treated me for an orbital tumor near my optic nerve. My treatment lasted only three months and the tumor has vanished. its ben a year now and im excited to say there are no signs of […]

Testimonial – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

From ACMA Patient Group on Aug. 25, 2008: I have been on the ACMA protocol for two months now and have witnessed some dramatic improvement in my cll. My gums do not bleed like they did, I have good energy, am sleeping better (getting to sleep sooner and staying asleep) my appetite is very good. […]