Cold/Flu Dangers, Complications, and ACMA Treatments


Because cold/flu happens very often, many people do not regard them as seriously as cancers, AIDS/HIV, etc. However, because cold/flu can make all pre-existing chronic diseases worse, for patients with pre-existing chronic diseases (such as heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, AIDS/HIV, etc.), young children, and senior citizens, a cold/flu may cause life-threatening complications and sudden deaths.


Cancer and AIDS death usually takes months or years to occur. But the cold/flu deaths could happen in just a few days. Before death, cancer and AIDS patients know they are going to die. But cold/flu patients usually do not know they are going to die. From this viewpoint, cold/flu are more dangerous than cancers, AIDS, etc.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 12,000 to 61,000 people died of seasonal flu in the United States each year since 2010.  Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year.  Above numbers are for regular years.  During epidemic and pandemic year, the deaths will be much higher.  In history, cold/flu had caused the worst epidemic and pandemic deaths.

For example, in 1918 the Spanish flu caused about 50 million deaths worldwide, far more than the total deaths from combat casualties in the World War One combined. In fact, it probably have killed between 3% and 6% of the global population. No other disease in medicine has caused so many deaths in such a short time. From this viewpoint, cold/flu is the most dangerous disease in medicine.


The characteristics of cold/flu are:

  1. Epidemic– In cold/flu season, cold/flu can become epidemic, affecting many people. Some people are hit by cold/flu repeatedly, and some died of cold/flu induced complications.
  2. Variety and Mutation– There are over 200 different varieties of viruses can cause the symptoms of a cold, and there are three types of flu viruses, which mutate and evade vaccine. Much of the influenza virus circulating in the United States has mutated, which makes vaccine protection less effective against it.
  3. Rapid– Cold/flu progress very rapidly. In severe cases, they can cause death in a few days, which is much faster than cancers, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  4. Unpredictable– Most cold/flu victims did not know they would die of cold/flu. The death often occurs very suddenly. This is very different from other disease deaths. For example, cancer patient’s death is a gradual process, and usually is predictable.
  5. Complications– If cold/flu patients fail to receive effective treatments, the cold/flu can linger for weeks or months, which can cause many complications and damage many organs and system, including but not limited to bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, ear infection, eye infection, meningitis, kidney infection, kidney failure, cardiomyositis, heart attacks, heart enlargement, heart failure, liver damage, liver failure, etc.
  6. Cause Pre-Existing Diseases to Deteriorate– Because cold/flu can lower the patient’s immune system, after patients get cold/flu, all pre-existing diseases will get worse and deteriorated. The deteriorated pre-existing diseases combined with the complications is another factor causing sudden death of cold/flu patients.

ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment

Due to the dangerousness of cold/flu, ACMA has developed very effective Cold/Flu Treatments in order to prevent cold/flu complications and sudden deaths.

Many ACMA patients have the ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment on hand in advance, and keep it in their refrigerators. As soon as they get cold/flu, they just take it right away without delay (if they contact ACMA after getting cold/flu, it may take several days for them to get ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment, which usually could delay their cold/flu treatment, and their cold/flu could progress to cold/flu complications. So they prefer to have ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment beforehand and keep it in refrigerators).

After the cold/flu starts, if the patient takes the ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment right away (they are able to do so when they have ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment in advance and keep it in their refrigerators), their cold/flu symptoms could go away in 5 to 12 hours. Their high fever usually could be reduced from 100-104 to 97s in about 12 hours, and remain in 97s (in the fastest case, the fever was down to 97s in about 5 hours).

ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment was first applied to patients in China in 1997, which has achieved a total success rate of 100%. Since 2001, ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment has been used to treat cold/flu cases in both China and U.S. So far, it has been applied to hundreds and thousands of cases, and the total effectiveness is 100% if the patients have ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment beforehand and keep it in refrigerators, and take ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment asap after getting cold/flu. No death has occurred when the patients followed the ACMA instructions exactly.

So far, ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment is effective for all types of cold/flu viruses, and has saved thousands of cold/flu patients lives from baby (as young as 5 months) to senior citizens (as old as 95 years old) by preventing them from developing cold/flu complications and dying of cold/flu.

Other Uses of ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment

Besides treating the most common cold/flu infections, ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment has also been used to treat other viral and bacterial infections such as herpes, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), pneumonia, meningitis, staphylococcal infection, skin infections, blood infections, etc. For many cases, ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment alone can control above infections. For some cases, ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment can make the specific treatment for those diseases more effective by controlling the co-existing infections.

ACMA Cold/Flu Complication Treatments

For patients who do not have ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment on hands (keep in refrigerator), after they get cold/flu, they cannot take ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment right away. Then their cold/flu can progress to cold/flu complications such as high fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, ear infection, meningitis, kidney infection, heart infection, heart failure, liver damage, liver failure, etc. ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment is not designed for cold/flu complications and is not very effective after the cold/flu has progressed to the cold/flu complication stage.

After the cold/flu has progressed to cold/flu complication stage, patients will need to take ACMA Cold/Flu Complication Treatments. At the cold/flu complication stage, a patient may have more than one cold/flu complications. Different cold/flu complications have become different independent diseases, and require different ACMA Cold/Flu Complication Treatments such as:

  • ACMA Bronchitis Treatment
  • ACMA Pneumonia Treatment
  • ACMA Sinusitis Treatment
  • ACMA Ear Infection Treatment
  • ACMA Meningitis Treatment
  • ACMA Kidney Infection Treatment
  • ACMA Heart Damage Treatment
  • ACMA Liver Damage Treatment, etc.

ACMA has treated hundreds and thousands of cold/flu complication cases, and none of them died of the complications.

Cold/Flu Complication Prevention

Each year, about 35000 people die of cold/flu in US. The deaths usually take place at the cold/flu complication stage. So the cold/flu complications are fatal and very dangerous conditions in medicine.

In past 15 years, several ACMA patients died of cold/flu complications because they did not have ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment on hands. After they got cold/flu, they could not take ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment asap, so they had to go to hospitals. Later on they died at hospitals. For other ACMA patients with ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment on hands, none of them died because they could take ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment within hours soon after getting cold/flu, and they all recovered from cold/flu very quickly without progressing to cold/flu complication stage.

Cold/flu complications are advanced stage of cold/flu, and take longer time to treat than initial cold/flu itself. At the cold/flu complication stage, longer treatment time and multiple cold/flu complication treatments are more expensive than treating cold/flu at its early stage (at cold/flu early stage, only one treatment – ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment is needed, and patients could recover within 5 – 12 hours).

Therefore, from life-saving and cost-saving viewpoint, it is very important to prevent the cold/flu complications.

The best way to prevent cold/flu complications is to have ACMA Cold/Flu Treatment on hands (keep in refrigerators) in order to stop cold/flu at the beginning and prevent the cold/flu from progressing to complications stage.