ACMA Patient Group

ACMA Patient Group is the patient support group for ACMA patients, which has following functions:

  • Contact or meet other ACMA patients
  • Get support from other ACMA patients
  • Ask questions on ACMA treatment or ACMA cancer treatment
  • Reply to other group member’s messages
  • Publish financial assistance information


ACMA Patient Group is available at Yahoo or Facebook. There is no membership fee to become a member of these groups.

Since all ACMA patients in the group use their real names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or physical/mailing addresses in their group messages during group discussions, to protect ACMA patient’s privacy, only ACMA patients can join this group.

Steps to Join ACMA Patient Group at Yahoo:

  • Go to the Yahoo group website:
  • Click “Join Group”.
  • Enter your Yahoo ID and password. It is free to sign up for a Yahoo ID and password.
  • In the “Comment to Owner” section, please provide your name and indicate that you are an ACMA patient.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process to join the group.
  • Your group membership will be approved soon after your request has been processed.

Steps to Join ACMA Patient Group at Facebook:

Patient Association


Linda Nyberg

Vice President

Greg Buczek
Jim Demos
Christine Xu


Christine Xu

Board of Directors

Angela Qian
Holly Gomez
Greg Buczek
Linda Nyberg
Jim Demos
Rudy Villalaz
Mack Smith
Virginia Williams
Debbie Micu
Nicole Marx