Patient Group

ACMA Patient Group is the patient support group for ACMA patients, which has following functions:

  • ●   Contact or meet other ACMA patients
  • ●   Get supports from other ACMA patients
  • ●   Ask questions on ACMA treatment or ACMA cancer treatment
  • ●   Reply to other group member's messages
  • ●   Publish financial assistance information


Since all ACMA patients in the group use their real names, email addresses, phone numbers, or physical/mailing addresses in their group messages during group discussions, to protect ACMA patient's privacy, only ACMA patients can join this group.

There is no membership fee to become a member of this group.

Steps to Join ACMA Patient Group

Steps to Join ACMA Patient Group at Yahoo:

  • ●   Go to the group's website
  • ●   Click "Join Group".
  • ●   Enter your Yahoo ID and Password. It's free to sign up a Yahoo ID and password.
  • ●   In the "Comment to Owner" section, please provide your name and indicate that you are an ACMA patient.
  • ●   Follow the instruction to complete the process to join the group.
  • ●   Your group membership will be approved soon after your request has been processed.

Steps to Join ACMA Patient Group at Facebook:

Patient Association


  • Linda Nyberg

Vice President

  • Greg Buczek
  • Jim Demos
  • Christine Xu


  • Christine Xu

Board of Directors

  • Angela Qian
  • Holly Gomez
  • Greg Buczek
  • Linda Nyberg
  • Jim Demos
  • Rudy Villalaz
  • Nancy Treankler
  • Virginia Williams
  • Debbie Micu
  • Mack Smith