ACMA Non-Cancer Treatment

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Standard Non-Cancer

ACMA STANDARD NON-CANCER TREATMENT is designed to treat specific diseases and conditions. Anyone can take ACMA standard treatments as long as they have the indicated diseases and conditions. ACMA standard treatments have been clinically proven to be very effective since 2001. They are very safe, effective, and affordable. If you are new patients, please complete theACMA Diagnosis Form first, then order following ACMA standard treatment products online directly.

For more information on ACMA standard treatment, please go to ACMA Standard Non-Cancer Treatment

ACMA Customized Non-Cancer

ACMA CUSTOMIZED NON-CANCER TREATMENT is an unique treatment based on each patient’s individual conditions. Since, ACMA customized treatment has successfully treated many patients with various difficult diseases. They usually started ACMA customized treatment after hospitals failed to help them and deemed them as having incurable diseases. If you are suffering from complicated diseases and hospitals can't help you anymore, ACMA customized treatment may bring you new hope of health.

For more information on ACMA customized treatment, please go to ACMA Customized Non-Cancer Treatment

ACMA is a leading alternative medical center in US. ACMA treatments treat and address root causes of diseases, which will accelerate the healing and recovery of patients. Comparing with conventional treatments, ACMA treatments have many advantages in terms of efficacy and safety.

Conventional medicine is an allopathic medicine, which mainly aims at treating symptoms. But it does not address the root causes of diseases, and does not prevent diseases from relapsing and recurring. As a result, conventional medicine requires long-term or life-long administration of pharmaceutical drugs in treating most diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. However, long-term taking of pharmaceutical drugs can cause many serious side effects and diseases, including cancer. For some other diseases, conventional medicine does not have effective treatments except for providing bandage treatments such as pain medications etc.

In contrast, ACMA treatment not only can eliminate the underlying causes of diseases, it also does not have the side effects from medications. Both efficacy and safety of ACMA treatment are more beneficial to patients than hospital treatments.

Therefore, most patients regard ACMA treatments as the right and safe treatments for their diseases and health issues.

ACMA treatment regards human body as a holistic system. Some symptoms and diseases are results of many other causes, such as decrease of some organ system’s functions, invasion of external factors, emotion changes, etc. Same symptoms may be induced by different causes. Therefore, for many cases the treatments need to be individualized.

ACMA treatment analyzes the factors causing the symptoms, and sets up treatment protocol to address these issues. It is a very complicated analytical and treatment system, which make it fundamentally different from other treatments.

If you have chronic diseases and have been taking pills/meds/drugs for a long time, the pills/meds/drugs can damage your liver, kidney, and many other organs, which will cause more severe problems and make your health conditions worse.

Most patients came to ACMA to receive ACMA treatments to address the root causes of their diseases and remove the side effects of meds and drugs. After receiving ACMA treatment, most patients are able to cut or stop meds/drugs, don’t need surgery or other invasive procedures anymore, and their conditions continue improving until healed.

Based on patient's conditions, ACMA provides two types of non-cancer treatment: (1) Standard Non-Cancer Treatment; (2) Customized Non-Cancer Treatment.

Standard Non-Cancer Treatment is designed for patients diagnosed with one disease, or the patient's condition is not severe and complicated. For more information, please go to ACMA Standard Non-Cancer Treatment.

Customized Non-Cancer Treatment is designed for patients with multiple diseases, or severe and complicated conditions. For more information, please go to ACMA Customized Non-Cancer Treatment.

ACMA Standard Non-Cancer Treatment ACMA Customized Non-Cancer treatment
Definition ACMA Standard Non-Cancer treatment is for patients with one disease, or the patient's condition is not severe and complicated. ACMA Customized Non-Cancer treatment is for patients with multiple diseases, or severe and complicated conditions.
  • ●   One disease
  • ●   Single condition
  • ●   No complications
  • ●   Multiple diseases
  • ●   Complicated conditions
  • ●   Severe diseases
  • ●   Late stage diseases with complications
  • ●   Incurable diseases regarded by hospitals
  • ●   Hospice patients given up by hospitals, etc.
Start Treatment Patients can order the treatment online at ACMA website directly. Patients need to Contact Us to receive Visit Treatment or Tele-Treatment.
Time Patients can receive the treatment in several days after ordering the treatment online directly. It takes several days to complete the Visit or Tele-treatment steps.
Cost Online order is less expensive. Visit and Tele-Treatment are more expensive than order online.
Safety Very safe. No side effect has been reported. Very safe. No side effect has been reported.


I personally have nothing but success stories. Dr. Xu began treating me a little over a year ago for heart disease. In that year my condition has improved almost 100%. At the time I started treatments, the pain I experienced any time I exerted myself was pretty unbearable. I would experience pain throughout my middle chest that would venture up into my neck and jaw and half way down both of my arms. Not just discomfort, but pain that would cause me to think I was experiencing a full blown heart attack... Read more
ACMA Non-cancer patient
I also wanted to give you good news. A friend of mind arranged for me to be tested on a Cardio-Beam machine. This new medical technology was developed by a Nobel Prize scientist and the machine itself was developed by a Korean team. It is very sophisticated and precise. Attached to the middle finger on the right hand, it shoots about a million electrical impulses per minute through the entire path. The beam follows the natural flow of blood through all arteries... Read more
ACMA Non-cancer patient
My health has improved substantially since I started using Chinese herbal medicine from Dr. Bob Xu. I had 35 years of allergy problems that included taking medication (both prescription & over the counter). I had to see ENT specialists. Repeated sinus infections from the allergies resulted in having sinus surgery in 1995. I spent a lot of time & money with this malady. The total cost of all 35 years of office visit co-pays, pharmacy co-pays far surpasses what I have paid for Chinese Herbal Medicine...Read moe>>
ACMA Non-cancer patient
Symptoms: Lichen Planus, an autoimmune disease. I lost all of my fingernails and toenails and was starting to loose patches of hair. I also had lesions in my mouth and vaginal area. How long on Chinese Herbal Medicine: 6 months Results of use of CHM: Skin and mouth lesions completely healed. My fingernails are growing back, 6 look great and 3 are split only casually. Toenails are not getting better.  I feel great and people said I look great. How long on allopathic medicine before taking CHM?...Read more>>
ACMA Non-cancer patient